A pioneering, concept-oriented research and development approach improves business results in technology-driven industries With contributions from IT, systems, and operations experts from around the globe, this book sets forth a tested and proven, concept-oriented R&D approach that far surpasses the results of conventional R&D. The authors explain how to create a clear concept, then build upon that concept by developing a chain of technologies and target markets in order to create, sustain, and grow successful business operations. Real-world examples and case studies from IBM and Hitachi illustrate how the concept-oriented approach can be applied to IT and other technology-driven industries anywhere in the world. Concept-Oriented Research and Development in Information Technology sheds new light on the complex relationships between concept, technology and market, explaining how all of these elements are enhanced with a concept-oriented R&D approach. Throughout the book, readers will learn a variety of innovative perspectives and methods for concept creation, technology innovation, and market cultivation. Part I, Introduction, makes the case for a paradigm shift in R&D from a conventional approach to a concept-oriented one. Part II, Concept Creation, liffers four perspectives on the application of the concept-oriented approach. Part III, Fusion of Technologies, illustrates the need to fuse technologies to accommodate rapidly changing and unpredictable demands on business infrastructure. Part IV, Glocalization of Technologies, explains why businesses need to diversify globally, yet remain in tune with local markets. Part V, Conclusions and Future Directions, explores the potential of the concept-oriented approach to evolve with the changing needs of business and R&D. Concept-Oriented Research and Development in Information Technology helps students and professionals in IT, engineering, systems, and operations approach R&D in new ways that lead to better technologies and better businesses.

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